Embracing the Future

Leadership Dinner
Thursday, May 29th

All Campaign Cabinet members, Directors, and church leaders are invited to attend the Leadership Dinner here at FBCCH.  This Dinner will be a well deserved appreciation event for those leading the campaign.  Directors: Rodney and LeAndra Preston and Dea. Leon and Connie Drew.  


Celebration Event
Sunday, June 1st 
4pm at A La Carte Pavilion

This event is open to all members of FBCCH.  Everyone must sign up or RSVP to reserve a seat at this event.  There will be a sign-up table in the Fellowship Hall following service the first 2 Sunday's in May.  Directors: Janet Clark & Nathleen Nix.


Children's Party
Sunday, June 1st 
3-7pm at FBCCH

This party is created just for kids.  Please sign up in the Fellowship Hall.  Directors: Charles and Eloise White and Kandacee McDonald.

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